Truckersucker Android app

Get the Truckersucker Android App in the google play app store! It's free!


Our Android App is available in the Google Play store, just search for gay dating or truckersucker and look for our circular big rig icon. If your not a play store app user you can choose to download installation file directly here and then install in into your android phone but this will require a little technical skill to unblock and configure. It is much easier in the play store, just click and install in the play store.

Play store link:




or to load from our werver4 and unblock and configure yourself choose your app download below by clicing For Andrid 5 users:

If you don't know which version of Android you have please download the CPU-Z app from Google Play, and it will tell you this information about your mobile device. Just go to Google Play and search "CPU-Z".


For Android 5 users