Spotlight members, meet Gay Truckers and their admirers is an online community of gay, bisexual and straight truckers, blue collar workers, firefighters, and masculine gay men. launched on February 4, 2004 and has grown through four site versions. Our current version launched in June of 2017 and is a timeline format. All profiles on were placed by real people, to keep our member base fresh we have not migrated full databases yet leave the migration up to the members so that our current versions are free of stale or dead profiles. 

All content of this site is provided by member posts and profiles, members must use appropriate judgement when posting images as to appropriate content, copyright, and other legal concerns when posting to the site. Members are accountable for all content that they post. Our system is monitored by a member flagging system, inappropriate posts are flagged by members. Members who post questionable material will be blocked. Please use common sense when posting.

Members who post or make comments that can be construed as prostitution or other illegal activities will have their ip address, email address and other information reported to authorities.

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