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  • Headchiking
    So I was Headchiking my way up the I 5 freeway in Oregon.  When I long big black Mac truck pulls up to pick me up. I climb up the truck and get in. The man 6"5 burly and bearded tells me he is goin...
  • picked up in bar
    it was a warm night and I decide to go to the bar. I tend to go out early so I arrived at the bar about 9pm. being that it was early for a bar there was not many people in there. I go up to the...
  • Roadside overnight lot for trucks...
    I was driving one night and was about to pass the local off road overnight lot. I saw a light on in a cab and a man outside of the truck taking a leak. the road was not busy and he was off to the...

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  • North Central Oregon
     Anyone get near Boardman Oregon? Would love to help some truckers out in their rig.
  • SoFlo
    Where can you meetup with truckers in the Ft. Lauderdale area? How do you which are interested in some fun.
  • Slang
    1. Angel food (n.) – homosexual male pilot currently serving in the Air Force. 2. Basket shopping (v.) – when cruising or checking someone out, British term refers to examining the object of you...

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  • Dallas tx. Suck and fuck
    Honey truckers in and or coming to Dallas tx. Wanting to suck and fuck.
  • Truckers For Gay Rights
    Show your support for Truckers For Gay Rights in America End Bullying and Discrimination and wear Your John of Virginia T Shirt Today as He is fighting for YOU 25% goes to CASA Stop The Silence on...
  • suckboy59
    +Looking for an Truckers in and around Bossier City who will pound my black ass and make me drink cum Packed Full of Features

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By TOPBICOP - January 4, 2011

I was a virgin to male encounters being a married bi guy. I joined truckersucker and the guys helped me find a comfortable level with my sexual desires and I have been able to meet a few guys and explore.

Guaranteed blow jobs for drivers

By TampaJack - January 4, 2006

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